The Pirin Group of Companies

The Pirin Group was founded in 1972 by Peter Hammond, who remains at the helm today. Pirin started it’s voyage as a small shopfitting and building company but was quick to expand into all aspects of construction and project management, earning itself an enviable reputation for quality and service along the way. Pirin is a family run group of Companies with core values, a strong ethos and over forty years experience in the industry.

The main operating Companies in the Group are :

Pirin Plc

Pirin PLC is the Group’s Property Investment arm. It has assets in excess of £10 million and plans to actively expand it’s portfolio in the near future.

Pirin Holdings Ltd

Pirin Holdings carries out the administration functions of the Group and holds the shares of it’s sister  companies. It operates as a Property Management and Maintenance Company for the Group properties and third parties.

Fredereck Sage Co Ltd

This substantial Company has been the Construction arm of the Group since it’s acquisition in 1996 and undertakes prestigious projects across all sectors of the Industry, including Commercial, Residential, Retail, Leisure, Healthcare and Education. Fredereck Sage Co Ltd is a Main Contractor of many years standing and takes full responsibility for contracts from start to finish.

Pirin Aeronautical Ltd

Pirin Aeronautical Ltd operates in the air transport sector and has capacity available for internal use and external hire.